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(I posted this to conj and clojure-conj... but the people count in those channels is tiny... so I'm reposting this here... ) For the baltimore 2017 conj conj hotel, "Hilton Baltimore" I booked via "" and got a $170 per night rate. Double Room $340.20 15.50 % TAX is included. $52.73 Total Price $392.93 has a rewards program too... so if you use this link, you would get an extra %10


@bherrmann Be aware that booking via third party deprives the conference of room block count. Also be aware that 3rd party bookings can be reallocated by the hotel and you'll have no comeback to the conference organizers because you didn't book through the conference block. This just happened to a bunch of people I know at an event in Texas...


(I also know a lot of people who've arrived at hotels and found no record of their reservation made with -- and that has happened to me as well with!)