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hello, is it possible to get the content of the HTTP responses from the network logs?


Hi @U050AACJB, this is a common request of users of WebDrivers, but the folks who designed WebDrivers feel that they should be simulating what a typical browser user does and giving access to what that typical user sees. They apparently feel pretty strongly about this. They recommend using a proxy if you want to sniff underlying HTTP traffic. I've not tried this myself yet. There are also chrome dev tools logs which might help, not sure.


alright, thanks!


I remember, chromedriver has api to sniff the networking events, there is even a wrapper for it in Etaoin.


Correct, but it only returns the headers etc if the response, not the actual content


hm, right, there are only status/headers here...


Hey ho @U1WAUKQ3E! Nice to see you active here! For newbies, Ivan is the original author of Etaoin.