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Quentin Le Guennec08:04:06

Can I use with fulcro components? portfolio uses reagent components, so I guess not?


Not yet, and it (just) needs a Fulcro adapter

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Quentin Le Guennec09:04:14

okay, gonna start working on that.

Rambabu Patina12:04:30

Hi Team, I have a question, Where the fulcro app looks for the dependent react library source code? because for some commonjs modules (which has index.js file in lib folder) it could not able to find the source and getting `Use of undeclared Var fulcro-atlaskit.testkit/Box.`

Rambabu Patina15:04:05

Team, Any insight on this issue?


This is Clojurescript compiler question (or possibly shadow-cljs). Fulcro itself doesn’t go looking for any library source code. It has nothing to do with it.