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Drew Verlee20:06:25

Does anyone know what to make of these messages/warnings?

Forge database needs to be updated.  Backup first? (y or n) y
Dumping Forge database to ~/.emacs.d/.cache/forge-database-v7-20220629-1529.sql...
helm-M-x-execute-command: Failed to dump ~/.emacs.d/.cache/forge-database.sqlite


could go to the forge package and search for which command asks you to backup. Then check what it tries to do that does not work

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I'd be tempted to not backup (and even delete) the forge database and start from scratch. It should only be information pulled from GitHub/GitLab, which can be retrieved again.

Drew Verlee22:07:27

Do you know how to delete it? I saw mention of a file on one github issues, but i didn't have it.


The error message says where it should be. If it's not there, search your filespace for a forge-database file. If not found, remove the magit forge package and restart Emacs.


alternatively there is a good chance you find it with apropos-user-option -> "forge" I bet there is a variable for the db path or alternatively searching for "filename" in the the forge package file 😅


(dired-jump t forge-database-file)