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is it possible to use babashka pods in nbb?


That's an interesting idea but currently not. Which pod would you have liked to use?


well, it's related to the TUI interface I was thinking about. it looks like there are tons of great tools for making that in JS, but the interface is for a big stateful Clojure app I have so I'm trying to figure out if pods is a good sort of IPC interface from a nbb/JS cli frontend to the backend Clojure/graalvm native image app


in that case maybe trying to do it Clojure makes more sense then


from a practical view that makes sense. but I'm not in a hurry and have been running into this issue of IPC protocol in general. would it be possible in theory to have a nodejs babashka pods client? otherwise maybe I just do some socket based approach


> would it be possible in theory to have a nodejs babashka pods client? Yes, in theory that is possible and would be cool to have.

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You can see how someone did it in common lisp and python here, kind of:


I think the pod function invocations would have to become async though due to the nature of Node.js


thanks, I'll take a look at that project. I love the concept of pods in terms of a structured interface between processes. I always feel dirty parsing raw text output


There is already an nREPL server in nbb which uses the bencode format: That might help somewhat in implementing

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