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I did a massive rewrite of my emacs config and now I lost a feature and I can't figure out how it was actually working before 😄


so basically I don't know if it was ido/helm or what else, whenever I had some options in the minibuffer it was showing the default even before I typed anything


I think it was helm actually, but I can't find the setting to enable that or see in the old config any difference


any idea about what could be the magic setting?


maybe I should switch to ivy or something else eventually tbf, but I'm curious to understand what was making it work before


@andrea.crotti didn't quite understand the feature description. it almost sounded like helm-M-x -- but i see that in your config. when i used helm, typing M-x was enough to show a list of recent commands. may be that's not what you are after? fwiw, all i had in my .emacs equivalent was:

(use-package helm
    :bind ("M-x" . helm-M-x)
    (require 'helm-config)
    (setq helm-M-x-always-save-history t))
regarding alternatives to helm, i recently tried ido and then selectrum + prescient. i found the latter pair to more closely match my taste and needs: