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When handling a remote error I have a use case where I want to reset the app state to before the action. I noticed there is no state-before-action in the env map passed to error-action - it is only available in the remote section - I am passing it to the error-action by swapping it into the fulcro app runtime atom. Is this just an oversight, that the state-before-action is not available in the error-action handler?


@danvingo just an oversight…the logic for that is in the default result action. Just look at the code, it is very simple once you read that part of the book. I’d accept a PR, and you can also just override the built-in one with one patched to your needs.


Thanks Tony. I'll look into making a PR.

Mr. Savy05:10:02

I don't know if this is a bug or not, but I've been trying to get past an issue for a while now to no avail. If I have a defrouter set up to point to some component test I run into an issue. test's initial state has one component that it grabs initial state from, X. test grabs the initial state of X twice with two different sets of static data. call the sets S1 and S1. In test's body, if I call the factory ui-xon S1and S2then S2's result is copied into S1. to be more specific, whatever data I passed into X for S1is essentially overridden and instead of test's body displaying S1and S2it just displays S2 twice. (the maps passed into the body look identical). I have found that the issues goes away if I switch the :query from [... {:test/S1 (comp/get-query X)...} to [... :test/S1 ...]. I will write up an example gist tomorrow, but if anyone recognizes a potential cause in the meantime help would be appreciated.

Tyler Nisonoff18:10:24

I’m running into an issue with pessimistic transactions — I’m calling (comp/transact! this [(a) (b)] {:optimistic? false}) But b never gets called … I added debug logging at the end of a on the server, and in its ok-action / error-action but my logging at the beginning of b is never triggered.. If i re-order them, both get called — anyone run into anything similar before?


I really recommend not using those, but I'm not aware of any bugs

Tyler Nisonoff03:10:07

Sorry, not using which aspects? Optimistic: false?


That is a legacy feature. You should instead just do logic in action handlers of a

Tyler Nisonoff03:10:56

👍 makes sense, thanks!

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