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Chris Bidler17:10:05

Silly question about the *grep* buffer - you can issue g to re-run the command which summoned the buffer (e.g., if you M-x rgrep you can naively “refresh” exactly that command). What I would like to do is use rgrep to specify a search string, set of files (like *.cljs) and location, often a subset of my project’s src but then re-run that command with just a different search string and not have to tell it again which files and where to look. I’ve read the docs I know about but this idea doesn’t seem to be treated anywhere. Is it not …a thing? Or just not a thing I’m clever enough to find on my own?


@chris_johnson not sure of this early what your asking for... I use ripgrep binary instead of grep, which can include or exclude file extension patterns. I use helm-resume to re-run searches and the search is editable, so I can easily tweak the specific search term