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@dharrigan @berkeleytrue thanks for suggesting Vimium, works great on my own website, love being able to gg to jump to the top.


I always have performance issues with these tools, except qutebrowser. I'm guessing it's my very old cpu, or maybe my network as they have to wait for page load to do anything.


Oh my, f is lots of fun for jumping around the links in a web page and should minimise the use of my trackball even more. @dominicm vimium seems to work very quickly on my websites, e.g although I am using a speedy laptop πŸ™‚


I use these two very often too: > yy copy the current url to the clipboard > yf copy a link url to the clipboard

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@jr0cket you're welcome! I'm still getting used to it myself, but having to use my mouse less is a win in my book! πŸ™‚

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Especially when you have lovely keyboards to use... I just got an Atreus keyboard which I was going to use for travelling... It's really handy for sitting on the sofa and works well with the mobile phone slack chat in an evening 😁

Thomas Harned18:10:13

My Atreus just arrived last week. I bought it precisely for use while sitting on the couch. It’s amazing just how small it is once you actually get it in your hands. Great keyboard.

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i spent a little time configuring the layouts across several layers to make it similar to the model01


I've spent all day looking at atreus keyboard stuff


I spent an evening configuring the layouts and only stopped when I realised it was 4am πŸ™‚ I still have a few tweaks to make. Its very easy to configure the atreus, just go on the keyboard configurator website and change things, but I spent so long testing where all the keys should go for my perfect layouts :)


I already have an ergo, so I'm going to build my own so I can use the qmk firmware :)

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