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Eamonn Sullivan13:10:44

Hi all. I have a real newbie question on deps.edn. I have the following to add cloverage to my project.

  {:extra-paths ["test"]
   :extra-deps {cloverage/cloverage {:mvn/version "RELEASE"}}
   :main-opts ["-m" "cloverage.coverage"
               "-p" "src"
               "-s" "test"
               "--fail-threshold" "90"]}
The cloverage docs say I should be able to provide a map of options somewhere, like using :fail-threshold instead of the args. How would I do that?

Alex Miller (Clojure team)14:10:42

I don’t think this is a deps.edn question, not sure how cloverage works

Eamonn Sullivan14:10:09

Ah, ok, sorry. I thought there was a key I could set like :options {:fail-threshold 90}. Told you it was a newbie question!


$ cat tests.edn
{:plugins [:kaocha.plugin/cloverage
 :cloverage/opts {:fail-threshold 100}}

Eamonn Sullivan15:10:12

Ah, thank you. Perfect!

Eamonn Sullivan14:10:28

You can set project default settings for Cloverage in your project. That's all they mention in the docs and I have no idea that means, either. I'll just use the command-line arguments.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)14:10:34

Yeah, don’t know offhand


@eamonn.sullivan, I don’t know have active it is, but there is a #cloverage channel.

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@eamonn.sullivan kaocha test runner can also use cloverage too. I have aliases for both, but I don't think I used options yet. Will give them a try and interested to know how you get on