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welp, trying doom emacs again, it was ok before but I really love it this time


granted, one of the main things I want is pretty superficial; I just like it to look visually polished, since I can typically handle getting the features I want how I want. Every couple of days I spend all day flipping through my emacs themes because there's something off or grating about the appearance for me, like having stray chaotic notes in some of the chords of a song, but I can't quite figure out what it is


whatever the case, somehow subtly doom does not seem to have it


although I still cannot get satisfied with just one theme ahahaha I'm flipping through them again


I've been using doom-vibrant in spacemacs forever now, before it was all darcula.


I like doom-tomorrow-night from the doom-themes package


the kaolin themes are quite nice. if outside or want a light theme for a while, kaolin-light is quite nice. and kaolin-temple is a nice dark theme

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I'll check them!


I have been using doom-solarized-light for a long time and doom-solarized-dark before I started broadcasting. Just this week I switched to doom-gruvbox-light theme and the doom modeline theme, I like the clean look to the modeline.


I liked doom modeline theme, however, if I recall correctly, the cursor color didn't match modeline color and I didn't know how to change it.


In the themes I have used, the cursor itself is the right Spacemacs colour for the editing state its in (normal, insert, visual, iedit, etc). Depending on the theme used in the modeline icon in the left corner doesnt match the cursor (would like to change that if I find out how). Also the icon doesnt always show the differences between editing modes, especially normal and insert states, so I switched to the ascii view of editing states. I changed a few of the doom theme settings to get something I am happy enough with...


This is the theme I'm using right now 😄


I'll check the changes you made tomorrow, maybe I'll give doom modeline another chance.


Yep, Solarized Light works best for me as well. I love how soothing it is for my eyes.