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I successfully did a pull request to the Spacemacs repository completely from within Spacemacs itself, no need to visit GitHub in the web browser, just using Magit and Forge and it worked really well.


The pull request was to fix the use of doom-gruvbox-light which I am now using as my broadcast theme, it has nice icons and is very clean and uncluttered. The PR has already been merged into Spacemacs develop


If I have someething like...

1 (ns
2  (:gen-class)
3  (:require [ :as json]
4            [clojure.spec.alpha :as s]))
and I am in normal state somewhere in line 4, is there a key similar to o that does this? :
1 (ns
2  (:gen-class)
3  (:require [ :as json]
4            [clojure.spec.alpha :as s]
5            |)) <--- insert mode here and move parens one line down?


C-j comes close and if you have align-forms-automatically then it kicks the text to the right location. There may be something better than this. I just use Evil insert mode and RET.


I also do Evil insert mode and RET , but that doesn't work if I am in the middle of line 4


Another one:

1 (ns
2  (:gen-class)
3  (:require [ :as json]
4  |         [clojure.spec.alpha :as s])) 
If my cursor is in line 4 (normal state) and I press D I get:
1 (ns
2  (:gen-class)
3  (:require [ :as json]
4            ))
Is there a way to get:
1 (ns
2  (:gen-class)
3  (:require [ :as json]))
or at least not force me to press backspace and delete a lot of times?


dd will do what you seek. It will delete the line and any parens it should keep get pushed to the previous line.


I believe this needs evil-cleverparens to work correctly.

Drew Verlee14:06:03

and strict mode to be on. But yes that's how it works for me. There is also probably a way to set clj-format to run frequently which might fix this to. But that solution isn't very useful on anything other then your own proejcts where you control the formatting.


without any plugins DJ would work.