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Is anyone using abo-abo/lispy? I am trying to eval the entire namespace (like cider C-c C-k but I canโ€™t find if that is possible. Currently I have to eval e each form individually first to be able to eval something in the middle of the file


I use lispy but just use the regular cider eval commands in tandem with it

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@g3o cider-eval-buffer evaluates the whole namespace on the current buffer.


i loved lispy but when i tried it some time back i found some parts to be too rough so sadly stopped using it. may be those things (which i don't remember ๐Ÿ˜… ) work better now though.


I love lispy as well, the main wart that shows up for me if I remember is occasionally the lispy-clojure-complete-at-point function or whatever gets bugged, and symbols like Syntax get stored somewhere they shouldn't, and company gets messed up. I tracked down part of the bug at one point but I forget where the wires get crossed, regardless for now I just remove lispy-clojure-complete-at-point from complete-at-point-functions altogether when lispy starts. But yes, that's the general feel I've gotten as well, at times things sort of break, and there are some sharp edges

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yeah i agree that some of the tools it provides (such as lispy-eval) are probably beyond the scope of what the project should be and are best ignored in favor of tools like cider and cljr-refactor


i set up a spacemacs layer a few weeks ago and just pave over a keybinding whenever it causes me an issue