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Braden Shepherdson00:04:54

so it feels like kaocha-midje doesn't filter running the tests properly, only reporting them.

Braden Shepherdson00:04:01

I'm trying to --focus-meta on a (facts :focus "blah blah" ...) and it recognizes the focus and reports only those tests, but based on the runtime it's running my expensive 1000x spec.gen tests too.

Braden Shepherdson00:04:09

instead of the small, trivial test I asked for.

Braden Shepherdson00:04:30

similarly when it says "failing tests pass, running all tests". it's actually running the lot both times.


kaocha-midje is really a PoC. Midje is a strange animal making it quite hard to integrate, and there doesn't seem to be a lot of demand for it anymore. The general recommendation would be to migrate to fudje, since that sits on top of clojure.test it should work well with Kaocha


My guess is that those tests are not being run by kaocha, by somewhere else e.g. as a side-effect of loading namespaces


You can verify this with --print-test-plan, all testables except the one with :focus should be marked as :kaocha.testable/skip

Braden Shepherdson13:04:38

hm. let me look into fudje. I'm not using any esoteric features of Midje, I just prefer it's style of (expression-under-test) => result and the ergonomics of the checkers.

Braden Shepherdson18:04:55

I've got it running against Fudje now, but it's 0 tests, 0 assertions, 0 failures even after emitting hundreds of failures.

Braden Shepherdson18:04:40

it seems to be working, but the reporter is busted.

Braden Shepherdson18:04:54

I'm going to focus on fixing my tests for now; I can debug into the reporting problem later.

Braden Shepherdson18:04:39

ah, I figured that out in passing - they need to be wrapped in a deftest or the reporting doesn't work.

Braden Shepherdson19:04:59

wow, that's frustrating. a lot of my tests end up comparing my.complicated.Deftype => [similar vector]. (= deftype vector) is true, (= vector deftype) is false, because my equiv is flexible.

Braden Shepherdson19:04:33

Midje => did the right thing, clojure.test's (is (= expected actual)) puts it the wrong way around. I'll have to define a custom checker for this...

Braden Shepherdson23:04:05

I'm running comfortably on Fudje now, with a mix of my original Midje-style tests (lightly massaged to be compatible) and a few troublesome ones converted to clojure.test style.

Braden Shepherdson23:04:22

thanks for the pointer, this is a faster, lighter environment better integrated with Kaocha.