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I would just like to say a brief word of thanks for keyboard macros and specifically for the ~1500 iterations of “move to first comma in line, kill rest of line, move to next line” that were handled by a five-step keyboard macro and C-u 0 C-x e 😄

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richiardiandrea17:11:10 😄


Is there a way to configure emacs to pick up .dir-locals.el for the *scratch* buffer? Use case: run cider-jack-in-cljs on a fresh emacs session. I have this in .dir-locals.el:

((nil . ((cider-default-cljs-repl . figwheel-main))))
The first argument is for the mode by which Emacs is to pick up the local variable, and nil conventionally means "all modes." I'm using the latest Emacs, 26.1, and notice that this variable does not take effect on *scratch* but is picked up when I open a Clojure(Script) buffer.


In case anyone else runs into this problem, my current thought is to have a function in my .emacs which sniffs the project files (here, project.clj) and sets the right defaults for CIDER. I prefer that my config "figures it out" instead of prompting for detail. While REPL sessions are often long-running, I am most often working on small projects and want everything pre-configured for the project so that I can jump right in.


Uhm, i never needed that ...can't you check in a .dir-locals.el to your repo once at project creation time? Am I missing something?