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Clojure 1.10.0-RC2 is now available (just changelog updates, otherwise same as -beta8)

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Just released [com.vodori/missing "0.1.4"]. It adds a function I’m calling collate and a whole bunch of basic graph functions that operate on graphs represented by a plain adjacency map. Collate can be used to create a lookup table from pairs of functions and collections where the function provides the “primary key” for each item in the corresponding collection. It’s passingly similar to clojure.set/join except it keeps related elements separate and colocated rather than merging them together (and so makes no requirement of their data type).

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We've improved our Clojure/Script support on Nextjournal and would love to get feedback from fellow Clojurists who'd like to join our private beta!

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@kommen's Datomic article is a nice and easy way to play with Datomic and MusicBrainz in your browser:

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