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Is there a way to pin a helm results buffer?


err, nvm, reading the source code gave me a hint


I need to load up *helm-ag* in my case


I thought there was a key binding to transform a result to a buffer but I might be wrong


I gave it a read: > From within a helm-find-files session, you can invoke helm-ff-run-grep with C-s to search a file/directory on highlighted entry in the Helm buffer. With prefix argument C-u, recursively greps a selected directory. > You can also save the result into a Grep buffer using the action Save results in Grep buffer. Note that this Grep buffer is created by Helm, not the default Emacs grep buffer. It has minimal key bindings. In hgrep buffer, press C-h m to view all key bindings


also, helm allows to be toggled to full-frame C-c _. It's not exactly what @bja is asking for, but very helpful


ooh, that is useful


btw... you know about helm-follow? basically if helm-find-files jumping through the list would automatically "preview" that file? But sometimes it sucks, because it could be slow, also it leaves those buffers open. It can be toggled by pressing `C-c C-f. But I can't find a way to persist that between the sessions. I want this thing to be turned off by default.


anyone knows how?