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Sorry for the long messages, but I wanted to give some context for some trouble I'm having some trouble getting clojure+emacs setup and packages to install from melpa, specifically clojure-mode. The OS is macos sierra on an older macbook pro. I first tried installing (25.3 & 25.2) but it would crash immediately when attempting to M-x package-list-packages, or anything package related. I then moved over to a brew install method on using the command "brew install emacs --with-cocoa" and also tried with --gnu-utils as a stack overflow post mentioned there might be ssl issues with refreshing packages. My ~/.emacs.d/init.el is empty and I've put in the config listed at and also the config listed at I've tried both the SSL and non-ssl repository urls. I have also confirmed that the init.el is actually being loaded by the emacs started by putting some other settings below that do take effect when the editor is started. After each of these different configurations were entered I restarted and did a "M-x package-refresh-contents" Still no luck and each time I attempt to install clojure mode either in the config file or with "M-x package-install RET clojure-mode RET" I get a "[No match]" and can't find clojure-mode when attempting to list the available packages with "M-x page-list-packages". I must be missing something easy, does anyone have any advice for what to try next? Or perhaps there are some issues with emacs on OSX causing this? Thanks and any help would be much appreciated.


I'm using plain gnu emacs 25.1 and have had no problems.


Can you reduce your failure case from wall of text down to one particular problem?


It should either be something of the form: * I can't install package XYZ OR * I can instal XYZ, but when I try to do FOO, BAR happens * or something like that -- one particular poblem to resolve at a time.


Yes, unable to install clojure-mode.


all the description was my attempts to do this single task.


simply for debugging purposes, you can tentatively install a 'starter kit' (like prelude or spacemacs) and see if the installer works


if they don't, something is wrong with your mac


Just installed aquamacs and clojure-mode was found an installed without issue. My feeling is that there is something very broken on macos sierra with plain emacs (brew and emacsforosx) and connecting to melpa.


you can try my suggestion for confirming 100% your hypothesis


different from default brew distro


a couple of nuances are needed for installing packages from elisp code, as reflected here ^


Yeah one of the many configs attempted was the same as those 14 lines and still failed to pull package list from melpa and thus wouldn't install.


I think changing http <-> https fixed a similar issue I was having. note the 3 urls in my code, some are http, others https


but yeah it could be Sierra


spacemacs worked! I wanted to avoid it but it did work.


Hope someone can review my code (I'm not good at elisp, I just modify some code based on existing code)


Hi. Does anybody know how to setup Emacs so that I can start 2 repls within same project? I am using There are 2 clojurescript builds (one for browser, another for server). Which one is active is determined by profile (`:broser-dev` or :dev). Each has it's own figwheel config. Here is my clojure config: I managed to setup clojurescript for other projects using cider-jack-in-clojurescript, but I suppose I would have specify lein profile somehow when running it?


Keep an eye on these CIDER ongoing developments: #2069, #1976


thanks. I'll look into it.


just to clarify: it works for me on backend (src/server), but when I run cider-jack-in-clojurescript again, it tells me that port is used already (as it won't know that I want to take the figwhell config from different profile).