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it's definitely boot.core/sync-user-dirs! that's resetting the filesystem - I verified by calling it in my task, rather than waiting for the one called in run-tasks!. Digging into that today.


in an ironic twist of fate, I think that this problem is related to the fileset diffing change that I did


I don't have more to report yet, but this is looking like a more appropriate stream of consciousness for #boot-dev, so any further updates will be there, if you're following along


I wrote a guide on public maven repositories that you're likely to encounter on the JVM:

Alex Miller (Clojure team)22:01:54

@danielcompton FYI, in the past, acted as a Maven repo. Early versions of clojure, clojure-contrib, and a few other things were released there before they started getting published to Maven Central. I killed that repo (accidentally) about a year ago when we upgraded the build box. Since then, I’ve had a few people run into projects that included that repository and were relying on very old artifacts from there. Many of the important jars were already also available on Maven Central but I did find some old clojure-contrib builds and a few odds and ends that were only in that old repo and published those as well. In the unlikely event that you ever hear of anyone running into this, I have a backup of the full repo just in case.


I've got this to add to the page, is it OK? ## Clojure {#clojure} ### What is the Clojure repository? The Clojure repository (not to be confused with [Clojars](#clojars)) was a repository that stored early versions of Clojure, Clojure-Contrib, and various other Clojure related projects. In 2016 it was accidentally killed during an upgrade. Most of the important JARs were already available on Maven Central, so this caused very few issues, and those few issues had the artifacts in question uploaded to Maven Central. In the unlikely event that a project you are using is missing a dependency that was provided by the Clojure repository, then Alex Miller has a full backup of the repository. ### Where is the Clojure repository? The Clojure repository was available at, but it no longer runs a Maven repository.