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oh! hey! there are two implementations of the fileset diffing


and the one that I'm having trouble with isn't the one I changed, so I am at least temporarily off the hook 🙂


your tests seemed thorough to me at the time, maybe I have some blame on me as well 😉


I don't think the second one needs to be modified in the same way, though. It only ever diffs on :time, and my modifications were only needed for diffing on nested data


@richiardiandrea meant to ping you 🙂


right now, I think that sync-user-dirs! is working fine, but I don't really understand why we need it where it is in the task chain


it results in a mismatch between the filesystem and the fileset during the post-wrap phase, if boot/mv or (sift :move) are used


and that probably isn't usually a problem, because people are generally using target and the end of their task chain, but it does its thing before sync-user-dirs! runs, and thus before the mismatch occurs


however, if you're doing something like serving files from the fileset, then files that you've moved will exist until sync-user-dirs! runs, but then get moved back to their original positions afterward