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@pez could you help with such a problem `


@pez could you help with such a problem `


@pez could you help with such a problem

(defstate worker
That is defstate from mount and it defines worker. But that var marked red with 'Unable to resolve symbol worker'.


Hello, @maxp. You are running into a limitation of the Joker linter, it doesn't do a full scan of all files and does not recognize defstate (in your case) as a macro. But all is not lost! To get rid of the error messages, add defstate to Joker's list of known macros. Create a .joker file somewhere in the path from the root of your project to where you are using the macro (I prefer to have it in the project root), and add:

{:known-macros [some-ns/defstate]}
Replace some-ns with whatever namespace you are requiring the macro from. Read more about Joker's linter mode here:


There is also a #joker channel, I just realized.


Thank you. It works.

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