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Fahd El Mazouni11:04:08

hi everyone. I need advice on a project I'm building using google bigquery, is it okay if I ask here even if it's not clojure related ? the gcp slack isn't very active, and you are a nice group of people 😛

Fahd El Mazouni11:04:57

anyways here goes : I'm setting up a data visualization platform for the company I'm interning for. They want to collect all the slack/jira/confluence/bitbcuket... data . I first tried dumping everything into a datastore then doing load jobs periodically, but I would like to have it be real time. Any suggestions ? ( the data collection will be made through api calls for old data, and then will be kept up to date using webhooks (when applicable) ) any help or advice would be much appreciated , thanks in advance !