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definitely using [powerlaces/boot-cljs-devtools "0.1.1"] - should I create an issue in binaryage/dirac though? as it's specific to dirac


@giles for the second error probably yes


@darwin: maybe this point is not that clear to me either, is it enough to pass config to dirac for normal usage or I am missing something in boot-cljs-devtools?


the first problem I had, with changing where DevTools looks for the agent, it was easy enough to adjust the dirac agent host configuration by following the Configuration section at binaryage/dirac, eventually (I was being a bit dense at first, but at least I knew what I was looking for) - but the problem I have now, the bootstrap error coming from the nrepl-tunnel-server, I have no idea what the cause could be, whether it's just another configuration problem or not, and if it is, I don't know what is misconfigured


@giles: hi, I will be able to assist tomorrow. Today I'm away (mountain biking). You can try to enable debug logging via env variable on agent side - just to see if agent is getting the bootstrap message


Btw you are probably the first one trying to connect to a remote agent. Usual setup is to run everything on localhost


it must be an ip config problem somewhere...


everything's going along fine, but then I don't get # [WeaselREPLEnv#1] Waiting for promised response...


@giles: I just re-read your post, it looks like your dirac nrepl middleware does not connect back to Weasel (running remotely)


some docs on weasel are here: some docs dirac nrepl middleware is a fork of


if you don’t want to set env property and your nrepl config should be project-specific, you should be able to configure it via runtime config:


but this is considered advanced setup, first try baby steps with hardcoded env properties and validate that your nrepl middleware really got proper config (by setting DIRAC_NREPL_LOG_LEVEL to “debug” and/or DIRAC_AGENT_LOG_LEVEL to “debug” and observing logs)