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There’s a new release of Cloverage out at [lvh/cloverage "1.0.7”] (It’s under my org on clojars, because I’m the new release manager — see for details). New features: - Features - Add support with the --codecov flag (*78) - Add lcov (e.g. coverlay) support with the --lcov flag (#114) - Improvements - Coverage fn (internal hot loop) optimization (#90) - Dependency upgrades, including running tests on OpenJDK 8 (#105) - Bugfixes - Fix Unicode (UTF-8) support for HTML output (#100) - Fix handling of multibyte characters (#108) - Fix HTML entity encoding bug (#55) - Coveralls report: fix source digest, line hit numbers (#96) If any of you have stopped using Cloverage because it was unmaintained, please, please, please give it another shot — there are quite a few people still interested in this project, and I’m spending a bunch of cycles maintaining it now, so any help would be much appreciated and certainly won’t be ignored 🙂