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just wondering, I was reading The same thing has been done with rum and datascript, however, the guys of re-frame state: > We'd love! to be using datascript - so damn cool - but we had too much data in our apps. the 'too much data in our apps'-part strikes me: did anyone ever had too much data for using datascript? (And if there's too much data for using datascript, I suppose there too much data anyway?)


@kurt-yagram depending on your use case. For example, to use datascript in ios app, I had to wrap it up in a separate javascriptcore context and talk to it asynchronously via extra api layer, because pull-many took way too much time (~1second) on iphone 5, even with <1000 datoms. And if in some cases you might be able to tolerate 1second queries, – this is getting painful too fast (my initial payload consists out of 2k entities, not datoms, w/o any user data). However, using it for administration UIs - is ❤️


(I use it for ios app anyway to make client(datascript)/server(datomic) data sync much less painful. reduces amount of APIs to write and debug as well)


allright... pull-many is rather slow? I didn't see datascript very slow with a few 1000s datoms so far, but the queries I usually do are rather basic, no pull-many etc.


pull-many with a nested pull-pattern, to be exact


@kurt-yagram where did you run your queries? quad-core laptop? or 3-year old android smartphone? (basically that's what I mean by "depending on your use case.")


yeah, that might be it... 6 year old desktop