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hm, maybe - it will be hard to do anything about it, except documenting it 🙂


did you happen to hit the same issue?


I think timeout should be non-optimized, by default, and enabling coalescing of channels should be properly documented as potentially unsafe


Dirac 0.4.0 is working for me with boot (`jupl/boot-cljs-devtools`) and Cursive. Only issue was that it was not obvious I needed to uninstall and reinstall a new version of the Dirac extension for Chrome, is that in the docs somewhere for upgrades ?


@superstructor: the Chrome extension should auto-update AFAIK, it is still the same extension id, maybe your Chrome didn’t want to update it for some reason


next time try to go to <chrome://extensions/> and click “Update extensions now”, I will try to keep this in mind and add a helpful message when chrome extension detects runtime newer than its own version\


@darwin: yeah for some reason it did not detect any updates, and the behaviour was just an error message in the REPL about Dirac runtime not being installed (even tho a log message before hand for the install was there), presumably because of breaking changes.


I’m not aware of breaking runtime API between 0.3.0 and 0.4.0


It certainly didn’t work until I forced the upgrade, just gave the error message about needing to install the runtime, upgrading the extension fixed the issue.


anyways, thanks for the feedback, I will iron out these issues later when more people start using it and we will see common pain points


don’t want to invest my time into this ATM