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Hello! We (Mastodon C) are looking for someone who would like to help us automate and monitor our system that we're building using Mesos. We're looking for someone who has some ops skills, and has or would like to learn clojure. We're a cross disciplinary team but we need someone to bring in some stronger ops skills. Remote (in the UK only atm) or in our offices in central London. The full time position pays £55k, but we are happy to talk about flexible arrangements if needed. Email me at <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>


You can see what we've written so far here:


(we try to make everything we create open source)


@otfrom: can’t be remote in EU ?


matgren: not at the moment. Sorting out tax and employment things are too awkward atm. Sorry about that. 😕


We're trying to find a good way to sort things like that out, but we're pretty small and pressed for time.


sure, I thought that an invoice from EU based company (foreign invoiced are without tax) are a fine way to do it but I’m not sure what are you demands on the contract level between you and the employee


matgren: I think we're looking for permanent rather than contract at the moment, but we've worked with good contractors before and it might be a possibility. There are some odd things around how the budgeting for some of the funding works for subcontractors vs employees.


(for this job anyway, other jobs in the future might have less constraint on how the budget works)