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Dustin Getz00:05:42

@tonsky: re:, since published last year, has anyone made progress on the missing pieces, specifically lazy syncing of datoms between jvm peer and browser peer?


@dustingetz: maybe take a look at this -- outlines the work in this direction


@dustingetz: is one repo by the speaker @jetmind linked to. The readme has several links. It's not quite there yet alas, but I'm working on the same idea for an app. I want to write queries/transactions on the client once, which get sent to the server to be run there too.

Dustin Getz16:05:25

is Metasoarous in this chat?


Slack web client says no, he's on #C03S1L9DN

Dustin Getz18:05:26

@metasoarous: @tonsky Yesterday I read @tonsky 's blog post from last June, and just this morning watched @metasoarous 's talk from this April. I wish I had seen this last year as @khardenstine and I have been working on the same problem for a while and would love to discuss with you guys. Our approach comes from different angle but shares the same fundamental architecture. What do you think?