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Hey @bhauman. First off, thanks for creating figwheel and devcards (figwheel changed my life!). I’m trying to wrap my head around a few things w/r/t devcards though. The goal is to not have them running at the same time as your app?


Figwheel can run two builds at the same time. So you can work on devcards and you app at the same time


But the state wouldn’t be shared?


Nope, but you can put your whole App in a card if you want to share state. But sharing state isn't the intent.


I see. Is there a way to choose where devcards is rendered in the DOM?


@seantempesta: this isn't recommend, why do you ask? Is uses routing so even if it was co rendered with your app it probably wouldn't work out well. I take it you haven't tried it yet?


Well, I was thinking I could render it in iframe to avoid the routing issues.


The reason I want to do this, I’d love to have more insight into what’s going on in my app while it’s running. I’m using re-frame so being able to inspect the app-db ratom, rollback in time, etc. would be super useful.


@seantempesta: yeah that's a really different use case and a small set of functionality that you can get from ankha and snapshoting your state atom.


Devcards is not meant to be tooling for your main application, Unless you run your whole app inside devcards


Okay. I’ll take a look at ankha. Thanks for your advice!


@seantempesta: for inspecting your re-frame app-db you can use