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@bhauman: Just saw your Strangeloop talk and you said you don’t get much feedback, so I wanted to tell you I’ve been using devcards over the weekend and they’re awesome! I’m using them to help me build some admin tools and components of a new app in the platform. Also lately I’ve been thinking about how I can make my documentation interactive and more visible…this pretty much solves that problem for me. I can really see this speeding up the on-boarding of new devs. They can start with the devcards and then make their way into the code. Being able to change the code and see how it affects the app will really aid in learning. I’m thinking about ways to improve the cards. I’m sure you’ve consider this but the first thing that comes to mind is adding some UI controls that wrap the options map. If I get around to it then I’ll submit a PR simple_smile Anyways dude, really appreciate your contributions to this and figwheel! Cheers


@bhauman: just watched the talk too, great job man! I liked your explanation that devcards are essentially “a lab for your visual tests”, Maybe you could think about a new project name so this clicks in more heads. Maybe piggy-back on figwheel’s fame and call it figlabs or something with labs in it (devlabs maybe?). The card metaphor is important, but only one way how to express and exercise your components visually. IMO essential is having that experimental labs space, where you can place a lot of things in different states and see them in parallel with live reloading support. This “labs” metaphor would stress experimental and informal nature of devcards. Frankly, when I first saw devcards, I dismissed the idea, because I thought it is too much “side work" without a clear benefit. I simply didn’t get it. Like someone who hears about benefits of unit tests, but does not quite get it, because he has never experienced benefits of it and his current codebase is so entangled that there is no way it to even think about it. I thought it was too formal approach and needed a lot of preparation and self-discipline. We need to make devcards informal and fun to start with.


@sir-pinecone: thanks! I'm glad you like them. Yes I have been thinking about adding these controls. I'm a bit uncertain about committing to them until we see how folks are using this. But its definitely on the radar... Thanks again!


@darwin: Thanks man! IMHO the problem is more that this idea is kinda new, and that it isn't any one thing or practice. It is a lab space and you can do as you will. I'm not sure that a name change will do it. You may be right though. I will reflect on it a bit. David sees it as TestCards. I think that different perspectives are going to bring different approaches and the thing that is going to turn the light on for different folks is going to be well ... different.


@darwin: The major problem is that folks really don't even understand how important hot reloading is yet. I'm hoping we'll see the same thing happen with devcards that happened with figwheel where one person shares it with another and it will spread organically because people find value in it. Again you have to experience it and play with it a bit.


@darwin: It would be really great if some folks wrote some more blog posts about how they are using it. That would probably help more than anything else.


@darwin: I really appreciate the feedback and the fact that you are using it. I saw some great examples of devcards and figwheel in use at Strange Loop.


I’m still at beginning, I’m planing to share my devcards on github pages branch so people can see it in action, but I need to build more and document/polish it a bit.


@darwin: no pressure at all ... would love to see what you are doing though. Did you see the program execution talk linked above? I've heard good things, I'm going to watch it today.


@bhauman: yes, saw it yesterday, very impressive, kinda Bret Victor “wow” talk, still have to go through his references:


that’s possible future direction I would like to go with plastic, if/when I get basic editing right, I would like not to support other languages and environments, but integrate it/build into it cljs-related tools and intelligence for frontend webdev