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I did start a tutorial on building templates before I was struck with Covid. I plan to pick that tutorial work up again in August (once I've released a new product at work next week). Happy to test out new features of clj-new in this regard


@jr0cket Thanks, John! How's your recovery coming along?


I'm still formulating "clj-new 2.0" in my mind and have a couple of "interesting" problems to solve, but I think I know how to make it much simpler and, in particular, how to make it much, much easier to write new templates for!


I am almost back to normal, just building up my fitness again The existing way of writing templates seemed okay, although I didn't explore adding +options or anything too fancy. Any improvements though will be most welcome, especially those that simply the experience and happy to experiment / test beta versions. I'll spend a little time designing some of the resulting projects I want to create from the templates first, before implementing them. I would like to create either an Uber template that does 'everything' with options or some well names templates to focus on types of apps (CLI, servserside web / API, client side web, data science, etc) I'd like to get some consistency of output from the templates I create, especially in terms of common dependencies, naming and code formatting. So it may be a while before I create the finished templates, although I can write tutorials as I go along.