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One tip I have been missing out on for years is when editing a directory path in helm, e.g. when moving a file to a different location using SPC f R After running SPC f R then the left arrow key will navigate back up the directory hierarchy, deleting the file name and each successive directory from the path. This provides a quick way to go to a different location. However, the file name and directory names are all gone, so you need to type them in again Using C-left arrow will move the cursor up the directory hierarchy without deleting parts of the path, so you can simply edit a particular part of the path. C-right arrow also descends the directory hierarchy in the path without deleting anything, making it easy to jump to the start or end of each name in the path. I cant believe I've never tried this before, it makes things so much easier :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

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Meta-arrow might be even more useful; especially since C-arrow is mapped to switching between screen spaces on my macOS 🙂


I also tend to use C-l (closer to my fingers than the arrows) when I'm fine with "deleting" the parts of the path