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I’ve made a to the issue-66 branch. Please try it out @seancorfield (and @furkan3ayraktar if you have time, even though you are on vacation) and if everything seems to work, this may be the last commit to the issue-66 branch before we merge it into master!

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@U1G0HH87L I'm trying to boot poly from scratch using issue-66 today, and I think the last commit broke something:

Error building classpath. Manifest type not detected when finding deps for polyfy/polylith in coordinate {:git/url "", :deps/root "projects/poly", :git/sha "d7988580278c3123b55856e8dac4f5c757da6c11"}


for reference, clojure -M:poly info seems to work fine with af4d6796e13f58f87e5a08d31d4bff7ac7a4ce61


Ok, thanks, will look into that!


Can you check if this works for you @U05476190? Create a workspace, e.g. clojure -M:poly create w name:my-ws top-ns:se.example. Go into the my-ws directory. Change the shafor the poly alias in ./deps.end to af4d6796e13f58f87e5a08d31d4bff7ac7a4ce61 and execute clojure -M:poly info. When I do that I get this error: Error building classpath. Unable to fetch /Users/joakimtengstrand/.gitlibs/_repos/ …and it doesn’t matter if I change to an older sha. I haven’t tested this for a while, because I mostly AOT compile the code so that I can use the poly command locally.


I switched to another MacBook Pro, and I have no problems with this on that machine. One difference with the latest commit is that I use to read deps.edn files. That could maybe explain why the latest sha doesn’t work for you @U05476190 so I could commit a version where I revert that change. Then I need to look into why I have problems with one of my developer machines, but that seems to be another problem.


Sounds like it's to do with the Clojure CLI version. :git/sha requires the most recent CLI.


Use :sha instead and it should work with older versions.


Okay, thanks. Will check that out later tonight, busy right now.


All the basic stuff works for me with the latest commit.


@U05476190 What does clojure -version show for you? If it's lower than you're on an older CLI and will need to use :sha instead of :git/sha.


I upgraded clojureto the latest version (``) + removed my ~/.gitlibs directory, and that fixed my environment problems (actually it was the removal of .gitlibs that fixed the problem). I have verified both the previous version that loads deps.edn files using t.d.a (version issue66.23 - d7988580278c3123b55856e8dac4f5c757da6c11) and the latest version (version issue-66.24 - 47091a06b7500dbe73daeb2342906bf83196157c) that doesn’t, and both seems to works for me.


I also was testing on and can confirm d7988580278c3123b55856e8dac4f5c757da6c11 worked only after removing my ~/.gitlibs cache. Even more curious, removing ~/.gitlibs/libs/polyfy was not enough, so something else was causing the issue. sigh The problem, as usual, is some hidden #state.


Thanks for following up Joakim and Sean!


47091a06b7500dbe73daeb2342906bf83196157c also looks good; but you should probably also remove the the no longer used tda namespace @U1G0HH87L


Okay, cool. My plan is to switch back to use t.d.a when reading deps.edn files, now when that doesn’t seem to be the problem. I will commit soon.


sounds good; you sent me down a small rabbit hole, I started wandering what tda/slurp-deps does (vs say clojure.edn/read-string)


Yes, I went down that rabbit hole too! I think it should be better long term to use that function.


That latest commit looks good. I remember the out of sync ~/.gitlibs issue now! That was caused by an older CLI that didn't work correctly with SHAs that were not on the default branch. It was fixed but tended to leave ~/.gitlibs in an inconsistent state. So it will depend on exactly what sequence of CLI versions you used while interacting with the poly tool on the non-default branch.


Ok, thanks for the info.