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should ion-dev maven dependency be available somewhere publicly? I want to run the ion :push as part of aws codebuild, do I need to setup my own s3 bucket as a repo

Joe Lane08:08:34

If you're going to do codebuild, you need to do it in us-east-1.

Joe Lane08:08:27

@tatut Long story short, s3-maven repo that hosts the ion-dev dep is in us-east-1 and for now is otherwise unavailable in other regions.

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so if my datomic cloud is running in eu-central-1, I should run my codebuild in us-east-1…


I’ll have to try it because now I’m getting VPC endpoints do not support cross-region requests (Service: Amazon S3; Status Code: 403; Error Code: …


I’ve apparently crashed the process on my solo node (trying to develop a tx log dump for backup purposes). Is there a process for restarting that?


Does any body have any wisdom to share on writing tx log dumps in Cloud? I tried first using the async API in a lambda I had set up outside my datomic cloud vpc (just because I had the infrastructure in place) and was getting network interruptions ( “Specified iterator was dropped”). I assumed this had something to do with the VPC Endpoint, because I can run it fine locally through the socks proxy. So I decided to try it in an Ion. It worked OK, but I saw a precipitous decline in HeapAvailablePercent when I ran it on my production topology (0.967 to 0.384) - even when looped to call tx-range with a small number of transactions at a time.


I can fiddle with the VPC endpoint or start another compute group to run the Ion, but I was wondering if anyone has a proven way of doing this


@calebp You can't use the Async API with Datomic cloud, unfortunately...


You can’t use it in ions, but you can use it when connecting from elsewhere. At least that’s appears to be the case for me.


That’s why I started with an external lambda, because I figured the async API was the way to go.


But I’m not sure how important async is for the tx log, since you can already control chunks with the :start and :end params


Thanks for the reply @hadilsabbagh18