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Lightweight wrapper for CompletableFuture ->

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Comparison to promesa would be great, as it also uses CompletableFuture on the JVM.


(and works on cljs)


different semantics (api), no dynamic vars, default execution context differ also. I am also personally not interested in cljs compatibility.


Otherwise they are quite similar, tbh I also didn't know promesa was using CompletableFuture. Checking the code I'd say auspex is also much less code. It's just a collection of stuff I was using per project put together with a couple of helpers.


Simplicity (and performance) is good. Many api flavors: manifold-like (auspex), java-like (, promise-like (promesa) ja quick-hack ( 🙂


yeah that's what I was doing too. Having manifold.deferred/chain and manifold.deferred/loop+recur is the real plus in auspex imho. Even tho chain is just reduction over then. CompletableFutures are quite cool


Good thing is that if the libraries emit CFs, you can compose them easily, without locking to a libraryX. Pick the one you like. E.g. pohjavirta has response mappings for CompletionStage so all of those libs just work with it.


or just copy paste the bits you like, it's little code

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The Clojure/conj 2019 CFP is currently open and we'd love to see some more submissions about interesting Clojure projects, or practices, or even just topics of interest to Clojure programmers. As much as being a conference about Clojure, it is also a conference about ideas. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in #clojure-conj. Submission info here:

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Would be nice to hear about running clojure using graaalvm on the raspberry pi 4 - is there a place to suggest talks that attendees wold like to hear? or do I have the cart in front of the horse?


@U064X3EF3 The submit a proposal link button is broken?

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Oh sorry, this was a month ago.

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yep, too late! :)

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