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I'm using Aleph's client to connect to a push feed. It uses a chunked response encoding to push out JSON objects. I'm using>seq to convert the chunks into a sequences. Effectively, something like this:

(require '[ :as ms])
(require '[aleph.http :as http])

(defn connect-to-push-stream
  [{:keys [::process-fn ::push-url]}]
  (m-d/chain (http/get push-url
                        {:pool (http/connection-pool
                                {:connection-options {:raw-stream? true}})})
              ;; TODO transform to seq of maps from json objects
              ;; Apply process-fn to each map created from the json object
              #(map process-fn %)))
Of course, the items in the sequence are not the complete json payloads. I can iterate over the sequence and look for the CRLF endings to combine them. However, I wasn't sure if there is anything Aleph provides that does this out of the box. I looked at the coerce-json-response middleware, but it doesn't look like it works with a push feed.