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Drew Verlee01:07:43

im upgrading my datomic stack for the first time, the instructions say to set "resuse existing storage" to True. But i dont see this option anywhere.


You’ve pasted in the URL on the Create Stack Dialog, and are on the first page of inputs for the storage stack? It’s the second option down

Drew Verlee22:07:03

ok, thats what you get if i enter the URL from solo topology on but if i enter the one for storage i get the option to re-use existing storage

Drew Verlee22:07:26

the instructions say > for the Storage Stack you want from the release page I thought solo, production, storage were all examples of "storage stacks". if not, then what else is one?

Mark Addleman16:07:39

@jaret fyi - I just tried to deploy a Datomic Solo topology from the AWS Marketplace. The AWS Marketplace UI allowed me to NOT enter a Key Pair. Subsequently, the Cloudformation Create Stack operation fails with a somewhat obscure message. Not sure if this is something you have control over


Yeah, sorry Mark that’s a limitation on AWS’s side. We’ve asked/lodged requests to be able to require that field to launch, but its not allowed.

Mark Addleman20:07:32

No worries. That's what I figured

Jacob O'Bryant19:07:29

@jaret I'd really appreciate it if you/someone could take a look at this, unless I'm mistaken it's a very serious bug with the new composite tuple feature: thanks. I'm guessing that bug is the root cause of this too:


Thank you for the report. Thanks to your example, we have identified an issue with the treatment of false in tuples. We have a fix in the works for the next release. However, upsert does require that you specify the unique key. You can use the entity id or if you do want to identify the entity by a unique key then you have to specify the key (not its constituents). We’re going to update the docs to better address this. I have also updated your posts.

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