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I have proposed two new PR's for Clojure layer keybindings in Spacemacs. Please add a positive reaction or comment on each GitHub PR if you are okay with them being added (it makes it more likely they will get merged into develop). Thank you.

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Things are (allegedly) better in threes, so here is a third PR for the Clojure layer in Spacemacs. This time making a keybinding for the improved find definion wrapper added several months earlier.

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Thank you (and John Stevenson)!!

Mario C.15:07:54

I have dotspacemacs-line-numbers nil but they line numbers are still showing up. If I go into a buffer and toggle the line numbers on then I get two columns of line numbers. Turning it off makes it go back to one column. How can I fix this/


@mario.cordova.862 Switching off line numbers needs a restart Emacs for line number changes to take effect. Just doing SPC f e R is not enough.


If you have restarted Emacs, my guess is you have line numbers set somewhere else.


I am running the latest develop branch (just updated a few hours ago) and switching line numbers off worked after a restart of Emacs.


If you are on Spacemacs master branch, their could be a bug, but I do not know, sorry.

Mario C.16:07:10

It works in master but develop is where the issue is happening. I did a restart and same thing. I guess Ill just go back to master

Mario C.16:07:04

I noticed that in /layers/+spacemacs/spacemacs-defaults/packages.el in the (defun spacemacs-defaults/init-display-line-nubers () ..) function I see this

(cond ((spacemacs/visual-line-numbers-p)
   (setq display-line-numbers-type 'visual))
  (setq display-line-numbers-type 'relative))
  (setq display-line-numbers-type t)))


If I read the elisp correctly, that is just setting the kind of line numbers. As you are setting it to nil in your .spacemacs file, then none of those conditions would be matched

Mario C.16:07:20

Perhaps this is forcing the value into true?

Mario C.16:07:51

nvm that is setting the type


do the line number toggle functions work?


should switch line numbers off/on straight away


@mario.cordova.862 if its not a stray setting in .spacemacs or .spacemacs.d, it could be in a package you added (but now I am grasping at answers)


Do any of y'all have vim-style-visual-feedback (also known as evil-goggles) working?


I'm doing (setq-default dotspacemacs-editing-style '(vim :variables vim-style-visual-feedback t)), but it doesn't appear to be having the desired effect. I'm on develop.