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Adrian Smith09:07:08

I'm running these tests without a problem but shouldn't cursive show markers in the gutter?

Adrian Smith09:07:00

I did notice I was in the wrong ns but changing it to the correct ns doesn't appear to change the lack of gutter icons


@UCJCPTW8J Yes, it should - I’m not sure why that wouldn’t happen. I’ll try to reproduce that.


Actually, it looks like that’s a learning project, right? Could you send me a zip of the project directory to <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>?


@UCJCPTW8J off-topic but which font are you using?

Adrian Smith07:07:53

Source code pro just seen @U0567Q30W's response I'll try and package it tonight (GMT)


hello! does anyone know how to get this to work? * Start Figwheel somewhere * Open a browser session for that Figwheel instance * Connect Cursive to the browser session’s ClojureScript REPL I tried starting Remote Repl in Cursive, switching it to CLJS, then running (figwheel.main.api/cljs-repl "dev") i get the following output

Connecting to remote nREPL server...
Clojure 1.10.1
(figwheel.main.api/cljs-repl "dev")
Prompt will show when REPL connects to evaluation environment (i.e. a REPL hosting webpage)
Figwheel Main Controls:
          (figwheel.main/stop-builds id ...)  ;; stops Figwheel autobuilder for ids
          (figwheel.main/start-builds id ...) ;; starts autobuilder focused on ids
          (figwheel.main/reset)               ;; stops, cleans, reloads config, and starts autobuilder
          (figwheel.main/build-once id ...)   ;; builds source one time
          (figwheel.main/clean id ...)        ;; deletes compiled cljs target files
          (figwheel.main/status)              ;; displays current state of system
Figwheel REPL Controls:
          (figwheel.repl/conns)               ;; displays the current connections
          (figwheel.repl/focus session-name)  ;; choose which session name to focus on
In the cljs.user ns, controls can be called without ns ie. (conns) instead of (figwheel.repl/conns)
    Docs: (doc function-name-here)
    Exit: :cljs/quit
 Results: Stored in vars *1, *2, *3, *e holds last exception object
Execution error (ExceptionInfo) at figwheel.main/nrepl-repl (main.cljc:1525).
Failed to launch Figwheel CLJS REPL: nREPL connection found but unable to load piggieback.
This is commonly caused by
 A) not providing piggieback as a dependency and/or
 B) not adding piggieback middleware into your nrepl middleware chain.
Please see the documentation for piggieback here 

Note: Cider will inject this config into your project.clj.
This can cause confusion when your are not using Cider.
I do have piggieback dependency in my “dev” profile in project.clj and :repl-options {:nrepl-middleware [cider.piggieback/wrap-cljs-repl]}


which version of figwheel and piggieback? also I think #clojurescript would be a better channel for this (cursive is only tangentially related. you could achieve the same with lein repl :connect)


Thanks! i asked in #clojurescript as well

[com.bhauman/figwheel-main "0.2.1"]
[cider/piggieback "0.3.8"]


try piggieback "0.4.1"


@antonmos depending on your version of nrepl you might need at least 0.4.0. so maybe try that

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Is it possible to switch from lein to deps “midstream”? I have a project that I initially created from source as a Leiningen project, and now I want to run it using deps.edn. I may need to work on old branches that don’t have the deps.edn file, so I don’t want to give up leiningen.


@joelsanchez bumping up piggieback did not help 🤷