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Christian Johansen12:03:40

Hey people! We’re trying to connect a Java app to datomic:<dev://localhost:4334> using the Datomic pro library, and running into some issues

Christian Johansen12:03:49

2018-03-12 13:15:14.122 ERROR default    o.a.activemq.artemis.core.client - AMQ214013: Failed to decode packet
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: AMQ119032: Invalid type: -12

Christian Johansen12:03:51

we successfully connected the same app to a datomic:free catalog using the free library

Christian Johansen12:03:28

our ultimate goal is to connect to datomic:ddb, but using dev for local development

Christian Johansen12:03:38

I can connect just fine from Clojure


Both are using datomic pro? (Pro peer lib and pro transactor)

Christian Johansen12:03:58

seems there was a problem with conflicting versions of artemis in our app

Christian Johansen12:03:04

datomic ships with a quite old one


@marshall Datomic Client (not Cloud) when used with on-prem supports excision, right?


is on-prem getting "nodes" ?


Also, bug report: when editing an existing question, the box to the right contains translation missing:


the "syncSchema API" link on this blog post is now a 404 to javadoc: