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@jcrossley3 I have another question. I’m trying to deploy to AWS now and all the articles I see about Immutant and AWS mention needing JGroups. Thing is they all seem to be for Immutant 1 files and such. Do you know of a example or can you point me to a place that is for the 2.x libs and such? Or should it basically be the same thing…


Specifically I’m looking at: 13.5 in this doc:


I just set the IP address in the config file for hornet to the IP of the instance in AWS. It won’t autoscale, but that’s ok for me for now. I would like to know the right way to do things if I want to auto-scale thought and it seemed in the old Immutant 1 days it was to use S3_PING, but not sure how to set that up on Immutant 2. Again, thanks for the great toolset you’ve given the community…