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Hi! Me and my team have rather urgent issue. Could you guys please help us?


We’ve ran into storage issues. We found that directory datomic/log takes a lot of space. Is it safe to delete old log files from there?


Most importantly, we did a complete dbbb reset on October. So logs from September and earlier are junk we can delete, right?


@damian you should be safe to delete any .log files Datomic puts in that directory and you can also change the logging behavior:


many thanks simple_smile


No knowing much about Datomic yet, for a prototype, will it be to much trouble moving your data from maps/vectors/edn to datomic?


for example, can you model your data first just with clojure literals and easily move to datomic?


Watch out for vectors: If they contain duplicates, or if order is significant, it won't be compatible with datomic's set-wise data model.


Watch out for types that are not supported by datomic: you will have to encode them into datomic somehow.


Watch out for cases where the key of a map entry does not determine the type and cardinality of its value


Watch out for nils: datomic does not support nil. This matters if you need to make a distinction between "I assert there is nothing" and "I do not assert either way".


In general: datomic is not an edn document store, but more like a graph database with schema on the edges (attributes) only. You do need to keep datomic in mind when planning the edn representation of your application data.


writing them down for later research, thanks! although you are making me think of the possibility of just starting with datomic directly and avoid all those gotchas 😉


Except for order, a datomic-first design will almost always be an easy and natural edn design


especially with spec, which encourages your keywords to be namespaced and have an unchanging type+cardinality on their value


but order is a complete PITA in datomic


noted, was aiming at saving edn files to disk from clojure data literals for prototyping but going to rethink it a little more