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Any clojurians heading to re:Invent next week? hit me up if you would like to meet 😸


@qqq Node.js sdk documentation lists all AWS API calls in a clear way. I checked Java SDK docs but it’s horrible because you’d need to find the actual operations from the class-jungle. Node sdk is pretty much all about the operations (= actual API calls).


CLI docs is another option (this is actually even better)


All the SDK’s and the CLI generate API-call to AWS.. With Java-sdk you probably need to use boilerplate such as builders and factories to construct and invoke the requests but the params are the same.


And what comes to SES in particular.. You need to create a ‘sandbox’ environment in SES and verify recipient address before you can send any email.


I'm new to this: cli documentatio n referring to cli man pages right ? node documentation = how does this help me if I'm using Clojure ? is the idea to read the node documentation, guess the relevant Java class names, and use Clojure from there ?


Yep, that’s what I would probably do because Java docs look pretty terrible.


And yes, cli documentation == man pages


Interesting. I will try this. Thanks!


I can help you with setting up SES.. Since I just did it a few weeks ago myself.


wonderful -- could I take a rain check on this? 1. I'm in the middle of hacking client side GUI right now and


2. I'm waiting on response from AWS Business Support Engineer


In case someone else needs this: the solution was to use this to send the email