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We found a bug in Datomic (datomic-pro-0.9.5561.54). We, by mistake, added Double/NaN (not a number) facts to the database (the result of a square root of a negative number) and after that we tried to fix it by adding correct facts (like 3.14) for these NaN. Datomic still returned NaN and we had to retract the NaN facts first to get the more recently data be returned. @marshall


Hello! I have a question about license: is it ok to reuse one Datomic Starter license for multiple transactors (e.g. for supporting multiple test environments of an application)?


teng: oh wow, that feels wrong. I'm able to reproduce it here.


@teng we’ll have a look


how can I get all entities in the db? trying to export / import the db


this gives me the datoms, but I would like sth more readable that I can save in edn


Has anyone had any luck loading both the Datomic client and Ring in a project? I'm experiencing the dependency conflict described here: The workaround in the discussion did not work for me, I'm wondering if anyone has figured out any other workarounds



resource "aws_dynamodb_table" "datomic" {
  name = "${var.environment}-platform-datomic-config"
  read_capacity = "${var.dynamodb_read_capacity}"
  write_capacity = "${var.dynamodb_write_capacity}"
  hash_key = "id"
  attribute {
    name = "id"
    type = "S"


^ that's what we use. I think it's the same that you concluded above.


@marshall ended up with sth like this...


@dimovich seems reasonable to get all user entities. Keep in mind your result has to fit in memory so something like that is probably not ideal for an entity type with a lot of data or a v large db


fwiw, I just got alerts about SlowDown exceptions from S3 on our system, so maybe an aws issue


@pbostrom: not sure about that specific problem, but I'd probably start by adding :pedantic? :warn you my project.clj and then running lein deps until I'd fixed any classpath conflicts


yeah there are definitely conflicts, ring wants one version of org.eclipse.jetty/jetty-http and Datomic client wants another, I suppose there's no way to satisfy both of them...


@pbostrom: what you might try is just adding :exclusions until they work properly (essentially picking one or the other of the lib versions)


yeah, that's the thing, they each break the other, due to shuffling of classes across versions of org.eclipse.jetty/jetty-http


FWIW, I'm running with [com.datomic/datomic-pro "0.9.5561" :exclusions [org.slf4j/slf4j-nop]] and [ring/ring-core "1.6.2"] and everything seems to be working fine


this is for [com.datomic/clj-client "0.8.606"]


But my web server is immutant, not jetty


Oh, sorry, didn't realize you were using the client lib. That one I haven't had any experience with