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Hi all, I have create a sample project for using WebDriver with Clojure and Liquid. Feel free to try it out: It can be used as a templete for your own projects. There is also a walkthrough video on the page. Enjoy!


Hello guys, any thought on what could be wrong with this travis ci log ? it’s running in debug mode, i login, download the latest phantom (used to test my React/Rum components), download (tried latest and 2.7.2), at the first run of boot it downloads all the dependencies, from this time all boot commands exit w/o any output nor errors

[email protected]:~/build/open-company/open-company-web$ boot repl -e '(System/exit 0)'
Downloading ...
Retrieving clojure-1.9.0-alpha13.pom from  (8k)
Retrieving slf4j-api-1.8.0-alpha2.jar from  (43k)
[email protected]:~/build/open-company/open-company-web$ boot test!
[email protected]:~/build/open-company/open-company-web$ boot pdev
[email protected]:~/build/open-company/open-company-web$ boot target
^[email protected]:~/build/open-company/open-company-web$ boot pstaging-prodstaging-build
ot-clj/boot-bin/releases/download/2.7.2/ && chmod 755 boot"v phantomjs /usr/local/phantomjs/bin/phantomjs
ot-clj/boot-bin/releases/download/2.7.2/ && chmod 755 boot"/exit 0)'
it looks like it just exit, no error, no explanation, nothing