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Is there something like macroexpand and macroexpand-1 but for Datomic transactions? I'd like to step through the expansion of transactor functions to diagnose issues.


Even if it's an implementation detail that is subject to change without notice, I'd quite appreciate a pointer to the right function(s).


@domkm: that’d be awesome to have!


@robert-stuttaford: Indeed simple_smile It should be fairly easy to simulate by converting maps to vecs and calling invoke on any operation that isn't :db/add or :db/retract. I'm just hoping the official version is available because it seems like it would be a very useful tool for virtually all Datomic users.


yeah. better if it was something we could invoke in their api rather than something provided by the community, because then we’d know it’s correct


btw, it’s not the same, but one trick you can use is to run it through d/withand inspect :tx-data


you’d only see datoms that were transacted – no datoms that were elided due to already being currently true would be included


Hi, I keep on getting an error when connecting to AWS transactor Caused by: HornetQException[errorType=NOT_CONNECTED message=HQ119007: Cannot connect to server(s). Tried with all available servers.]


Somewhere I red it might be because I run out of connections but I close all those I'm aware of. Is there a way to list all the connections to a certain transactor?


if I try to restart the transactor sometimes the error changes to Caused by: HornetQException[errorType=SECURITY_EXCEPTION message=HQ119031: Unable to validate user:..