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So I'm working on putting together first a CLJSJS package for MathBox.js, and then a Clojars package for my wrapper around it. Those turn out to be somewhat frustratingly non-trivial (discussion of this with some cljs experts on the #C03S1L9DN channel, yesterday [11/26] from 11:40 - 1:30). Is there anyone in this channel who has experience with either half of that process, and would be interested in partnering with me a bit on this? Mainly I need someone to pester with lots of questions.


@eggsyntax: I'd love to help but lack the expertise. You might want to see if @pandeiro @martinklepsch or @juhoteperi can answer some of your questions.


Thanks! Yeah, @martinklepsch volunteered to help (yay!)


Excellent. You are in good hands, then. simple_smile