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re: @kephale 's earlier comment -- we had a meeting and decided we're fine with open-sourcing our MathBox work. It'll need some attention to separate it from the other project, add some more documentation, etc (although I'm happy to share with any of y'all at any time -- it's really just one file, mathbox.cljs). Caveat: our wrapper is for MathBox 1. MathBox 2 is a complete re-engineering of the project, with a totally different interface. So y'all may possibly want to wait on MathBox 2. Info about the shift at . Given that caveat, are folks still interested in playing with our wrapper? @kephale , anyone else?


:thumbsup: I'll try to get it out within a week or so.


& clarification; MB2 isn't really fully ready yet. "What's left is basically kicking the tires and fixing the blind spots. As such this is not MathBox 2.0, this is MathBox 2 Alpha 1." But boy, is it gonna be badass when it's done simple_smile