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Thomas Lisankie17:02:02

Hi everyone. I’ve been tasked with building a client library for one of my company’s internal APIs. I’ve only done some experimentation with Clojure, but I know Common Lisp somewhat decently. What this comes down to is that I don’t want to write the library in JavaScript myself if I don’t have to. I’d rather just transpile to it. Is this really viable to do with ClojureScript or is it not worth the trouble and I should just suck it up and manually write it in JS? How was it done for DataScript?

Daniel Hines17:02:56

ClojureScript is extremely powerful, with an amazing ecosystem, but in my experience it's no small investment to get started with the tooling. If you can afford the time, it's well worth it, but count the cost. If you do go down the CLJS route, be sure to check out shadow-cljs. It's a very powerful tool for doing exactly what you're talking about. They're also very active on #shadow-cljs .

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