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I was wondering if a lot of the custom functions of spacemacs are available as a standalone package?


it’s difficult to specify and group together different things that gone into spacemacs. Most of the time it’s even hard to see them outside of Spacemacs context. Although very often things get extracted into their own packages, even though they rarely used in vanilla Emacs setting.


But I would be curios to see if anyone makes a way to consume a whole Spacemacs layer outside of Spacemacs ecosystem. That could drive the quantity and quality of layers.


yeah, I'm working on migrating to a custom emacs.d and have found there's quite a bit of functions that are from spacemacs that I pick apart or take wholesale


mainly common functions that can be used in any config file.


Holy shit, new Transient thing by @magit_emacs breaks a bunch of things. I would suggest try not to update packages if you use magit


Good to know, thanks.


This is I think the issue to keep an eye on